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What I Do 

Shift is usually 10-7am. This can vary upon what you need, but this seems to be the sweet spot. Chances are I will have already met with you, but I do arrive a little early so we can chat about baby’s last feed, sleep, and how your day went before I push you off to bed at ten. We will have already gone over feeding and how that looks, before I get there. All I need is a comfy chair.


I am an up all night doula, so I don’t require a sleeping space. I am more than happy to do laundry or clean a kitchen, whatever you need as long as I am in close proximity to the baby, and it’s not disruptive to you, as that defeats my purpose of being there. Of course, support looks different for everyone, but my focus is to take care of your baby while you take care of you! I adhere easily to any and all situations, making a safe space for everyone.

I charge $45-$50 per hour. (Depending on location). Seven hours minimum, 10 hours maximum. I can do up to 7 shifts per week. I have clients that I work for when they just need to recharge, to some that need me the day they come home from the hospital. That can be a few months, a few days or a few weeks. I have clients that I have been with for over the past year.  I am extremely flexible and can-do last minute if I am available. You can reach me between the hours of 4:00 pm to 8:00 am.

Benefits to a Postpartum Doula


*Decreased anxiety

 *Increased confidence in parenting

 *Improves bonding for parents and siblings

 *Quicker physical recovery

 *Improved relaxation

 *Boosts self esteem

 *Improves Postpartum mental health

 * Better breastfeeding outcomes

 *Helps family establish better sleep habits 


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